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Exhibition: Emma Hart at Fruitmarket Gallery

Having had my reservations about this show before seeing it, I can gladly say it was worth the visit. Emma Hart's 'BANGER' at Fruitmarket Gallery in Edinburgh is a two-part show split over the two floors. The ground floor, titled 'Mamma Mia!', is an installation derived from the residency she undertook in Italy which was awarded as part of the 2016 Max Mara Art Prize for Women. The first floor, 'BANGER' is filled with a wider variety of sculptures responding to the gallery space itself.
A dimmed room lit up by speech bubbles projected on to the floor by hanging ceramic lights shaped like human heads, the projections sliced through by knives, forks and spoons rotating like ceiling fans, drawing your eye upwards to the inside of each domed sculpture to be surprised and delighted by colourful patterns and shapes. 

It's a fun show filled with symbols and patterns that can easily be related to and reveled in. Subtly colourful and yet reserved at the same tim…

Looking back at 2018

After perusing over my 2017 post I thought maybe I should look back at 2018 too. Considering I kind of lost my groove on the blogging front, you guys won't really have a clue what I got up to over the last year unless you've been keeping up to date on my instagram. Either way I figure let's rewind back to the start of the year so I can have a reminder of where the hell the year went!

January saw me spend a lot of time outside walking the dogs with my mum and stepdad. I was waiting for my PVG to go through so I could start my new job so that meant I had pretty much the whole month off. I tried to make the most of it, starting to get back into drawing and reading (as I say I will every New Year) and ticking climbing Benarty Hill off my bucket list. The weather was all over the place this time last year as you can tell by these photos. 
I also took every opportunity I could to go back through to Glasgow and spend time with my friends. I had until the end of the month to move …